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What are the Best House Sitting Websites?

If you are thinking about traveling the world and want to save money, then you need to look into house sitting as an option to save on expensive accommodation costs. Homeowners will let you stay in their homes for free, while they are off on there own travels. Some house sitters even get paid as well as free rent. There are so many options available to you and it is tough knowing which House Sitting website will suit you the best. 

Thousands of homeowners around the world need their houses and pets looked after right now. We summarize and review the best house sitting websites online, to help you decide which is best for you.

The top 5 best house sitting websites that work globally

1. Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters are the largest house sitting website online with the most current openings. They have over 2000 homes that need house sitters to look after them, right now! 

The majority of their current openings are in Europe, with 1390 house sits in Europe and Africa combined, 730 in North America and 240 in Australia. This website is definitely more suited to world travelers or house sitters who are looking for accommodation abroad. As with, you can browse all the homes on Trusted Housesitters for free.  Their annual membership costs $119 a year. It is the most expensive, but trustedhousesitters in the most comprehensive sites with the most openings.  If you are a first time house sitter I would look at starting with trusted house sitters. This is because it can often be hard to land a house sit if it's your first time and you have no reviews. But because trusted house sitters have so many options, you are more likely to get picked for a house sit, get a great review and really get your profile going.  Theses where you start to attract the luxury houses in the best locations. Often if you get really good reviews you can get paid to be a house sitter. 

Read this in depth review for more information on Trusted House Sitters.

2. Nomador

I really enjoyed using Nomador’s website and service. Their search function is great how you can choose what type of area you want to live in, like by the beach, city or country side. ( are the only other site to offer this.)

They began in France in 2014, the currently have 14000 listings available all over France and Europe. 

They offer a full membership for $89 and a very limited free membership that lets you browse and apply for 3 sits. 

If you’re based in Europe, try this site out for free and apply for a couple of house sits to see if it’s the right website for you before you buy. 

3. House Carers is an Australian website that has been connecting house sitters with homeowners for over 20 years. They offer a limited free membership where you can browse all the current house sitting openings around the world. As I write this post they have 45 homes in Australia needing filled, 30 in Europe and 67 in United States, plus a handful in other areas. 

They have a very outdated website and their interface isn’t appealing to users at all. They do not currently have a mobile app and judging from their website, which looks like its still the same one they started with in 2000, I would assume that they aren’t currently in the process of developing one. The great thing about them is that their full membership is only $50. So if you’re looking for a cheaper membership option, that still offers great sitting opportunities around the world and you can ignore the 2000s website, then try them for free here and see if any of their current openings appeal to you.

4. Mind My House

Another Australian based website for house sitters. They have over 700 house sitting opportunities available in Australia right now. They have a UK and USA website also, the USA website is basically defunct, with about 3 openings. The UK site had around 100 openings but generally is pretty limited. 

If you are looking to House Sit in Australia, then they have the most extensive range of homes for you to choose from. They charge $40 USD ($59AUD) for a one year membership.

A potential downside for Mind my House is that its free for homeowners to post requests, so it's harder to ensure the homeowners will take it seriously, as they do not have any money at stake, but the house sitters do. This means that it is slightly less reliable than some of the other house sitting websites, as homeowners could cancel at any time with no downside for them. 

5. House Sit Match

Like Trusted House Sitters, House Sit Match have a more modern website design which is much nicer to use. There platform is similar to Trusted House Sitters but more suited to UK or Europe travelers.

They mainly operate in the UK and Europe and offer two payment plans. The first is a standard membership, which costs $90 USD (£69) per year. The second is a premium membership that costs $116 USD (£89) per year.

Standard Membership $90USD/year

  • 150-word profile

  • 2 profile images

  • Verified reviews

  • Free ID verification

  • Easy online background check

  • Live Chat with Members

  • House-Sit Alerts

Premium Membership $116USD/year:

  • 800-word profile

  • 7 profile images

  • Video link

  • ‘Get started’ support

  • Verified reviews

  • Free ID verification

  • Easy online background check

  • Live Chat with Members

  • Free How-To Guides

  • Tailored House-Sit Alerts

  • Hands on customer support

Apart from the ability to have a longer profile and more photos, plus access to a hands on customer support team, there doesn’t seem to be a lot separating the two memberships. 

I would only recommend this site for travelers based in the United Kingdom or Europe, or you are planning on moving there and wanting free accommodation. 

Other international sites

Luxury House sitters: Not much luxury about this platform, its outdated and doesn’t have as many options as the ones listed above. Majority of their housesits are in US and Europe. A plus is the annual membership only costs $25 a year. 

Caretaker GazetteThe caretaker Gazette is an online newsletter that has been operating for 38 years, there are thousands of jobs posted in the US and worldwide every year and new jobs to check out every day. They link caretakers to homeowners with more hands on needs than just house sitting. They offer a salary on top so if you want to get paid while house sitting, then try Caretaker Gazette.

Best House Sitting Websites specific to one location:

These websites generally have homeowners and House sitters all based in one country. This is perfect for travelers looking to experience their own country while saving on rent. Long term sits in your own country can be a great way to eliminate your rent expenses, which is great for someone trying to save up for their next big overseas trip or even a downpayment on a house. 

UK: House Sitters UK, Housem8

Aus: Australian House sitters, House Sitters Australia, Happy House Sitters, Aussie House Sitters, Madpaws

US: House Sitters America, Rover

NZ: Kiwi House Sitters, HomeSit, Town and Country Homesitters

Canada: House sitters Canada

Take advantage of free accommodation all over the world. Start applying for House Sits today. Sign up here.

For more ways to get free accommodation read this.

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