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Why Remote Work Is Going To Kill Traditional Work

With people around the world forced indoors due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, there has been an enormous shift towards remote online work. Businesses are either shutting down temporarily, leaving millions out of work, or asking their employees to work from home. 

People and businesses are being forced to adapt, quickly. For some, the traditional work method is the only thing they know. Most have been commuting to an office or workplace for decades of their lives. People have been working like this since factories were started in the industrial age. More and more workers began to leave their homes and farms to work at a common workplace for a secure wage.

Show up, punch in, repeat a task over and over, punch out. Get paid. Repeat. That's what the workforce has been for so many decades. But it has been changing. The internet made remote work available to anyone with a reliable connection. Yet, so many businesses had not implemented the remote lifestyle option for their employees.

The Entire Workplace is Shifting

Now, the entire global workforce (minus the necessary industries) is getting a crash course on working from home. All it took was a worldwide pandemic for people to make the shift. This will come with a dramatic loss of jobs for people that cannot work online and are not in an essential business. 

Once the threat of COVID-19 dies down. and I do believe it will, at what toll, no one knows. But, I put my faith in people, and our technology and science. The best people in the world are working on these problems right now, so they will be solved. And once that happens, work will resume, albeit a lot different. I believe these times will provide unique opportunities for people to succeed. It is the perfect time to learn how to make money online

Why the f*ck we haven’t always been doing this?!

Once the lockdown is removed, who the hell is going back to the office to work? Everyone has had a taste of remote work. and they will like it too much. A commute to work is no longer hours spent sitting mindlessly in traffic, it’s from your bed to your desk. No more stressing about being late to work, you even get a little sleep in. You have more time to spend with friends and family and you get to avoid small talk with your weird co-workers.

Its also going to drastically change how businesses work. Employers are aware that employees work just as well, if not better, at home. Why would they want to continue leasing an expensive office? When people become more accustomed to working from home businesses can drastically reduce their overhead costs. 

How to Continue Working from Home

If you are like me you will be wondering how you can continue making money while working from home. Even after this lockdown is done. You will need to communicate clearly with your employer, telling them how much you enjoyed working remotely, how much more productive you were and if possible you would really like to continue working from home. 

If you have no choice but to go back to your office job when this is all done, just know that there are lots of ways to make a full-time income online. You are not tied to your traditional style job. Use this time away from the office to grow a Freelancing Profile on Upwork. Or you might want to Start Your Own Online Business for FREE. Both of these options will provide you with the freedom and flexibility of a remote lifestyle. 

Once you start working remotely, check out our tips on Staying Productive While Working From Home. This will ensure you can stay efficient and your boss will be more likely to allow you to continue working from home.

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