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Read This before you Travel to New York!

Updated: Feb 27

New York is the city that never sleeps. It has thousands of incredible attractions for tourists to see and explore. There is so much to see and it can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, where to stop and what to see.

There are a lot of factors you have to consider when it comes to exploring New York. Which subway should you catch? Which attractions should you see? Which airport should you fly in and out of? How much will this trip cost you? 

The hardest thing about planning your visit to New York isn’t planning what you can do, but more what you can’t. You have no idea hard it is to do everything you want during your NYC visit. 

Imagine you’ve planned the trip of a lifetime to the Big Apple. You want to visit the Statue of Liberty, see the lights at Times Square, explore The Natural History Museum, have a coffee while strolling through Central Park and watch a show on Broadway. But, when you arrive, you are bombarded with the craziness of the city, people aren’t all that friendly, you can’t find the right subway station, you get ripped off by a taxi, you miss all the original bookings you’ve got planned, your accommodation is overpriced and in a bad neighborhood. This was supposed to be your dream getaway, but it hasn’t begun well...

“New York must be a scary place to travel… I’m always getting lost and I’ve lived here all my life..”

Luckily there are so many ways to make it easier for travelers to fully experience this amazing city. Asking a local you know to help you get a feel for the city is one of the best ways to do it. The transport system is a difficult one to understand but locals seem to have a sixth sense for it.

Another great tip is to plan to explore the city in one area at a time. Pick some attractions near each other to visit on one day. Then choose another area of New York to explore on another day.  It is such an enormous city and it can be hard to navigate your way around, so plan your days and make sure you know how you’re getting from place to place.

New York is an extremely popular destination for tourists, and it has so many famous attractions, it can get extremely crowded. You end up spending the majority of your time waiting in line to get into a lot of places. Some great advice is to get to popular places really early in the morning to avoid the queues and see the attractions when they are less crowded. 

An incredible way to explore the city is with a New York Sightseeing Pass. This allows you to make sure you get to all the attractions that are on your bucket list. You won’t get hustled by people trying to sell overpriced tickets to naive looking tourists. 

It also allows you to have transport organized to and from your accommodation to every possible attraction you may want to see.

The New York sightseeing pass offers a free 250-page guide book so you can plan your travels and never get lost. They also offer line-skipping privileges to get fast track entry to all the busiest attractions, so you won’t have to wait in line. 

Click THE SIGHTSEEING PASS button below to find out more and claim your FREE New York City guide book:

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