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Make Money on Fiverr as a Freelancer

Updated: Apr 13

Fiverr is a free platform that allows Freelancers to advertise their skills to potential clients. You can get paid for whatever you are good at. There are a lot of freelancers on the platform so you need to take your time creating a profile that highlights your unique skills, shows credibility, and gets potential client's attention. You need to create a profile that stands out from the crowd.

It doesn’t take very long to create a profile that stands out and makes clients want to hire you. In your description, you have 600 characters to confidently present your skills, explaining how they benefit your potential clients. If you are a complete beginner to freelancing work and are unsure what your skills are, browse other freelancers profiles to get ideas.

There are more than 200 subcategories that your skills can fit into such as logo design, writing, website design, photography, heck you can ever get paid to post social media content. Thousands of clients on Fiverr are looking for unique skill sets to benefit their business and you could have them.

You can enter any past experience, education, or awards to your profile to further show your credibility as a freelancer. Click here to sign up and start earning money today!

Get Paid Even If You Have No Experience

Entry-level freelancers with no experience get hired on Fiverr every day. To start, you could charge out your work for less than other freelancers offering similar gigs. This will get you noticed by more clients and help to build your Fiverr profile up quickly.

Even if you are new to the site, don’t be afraid to charge more than what you think you’re worth. You don’t want to be slaving away for $5 an hour on the site like some freelancers. By charging out at higher rates, you show clients that you are of high value, you will be surprised how much some clients are willing to pay. 

Posting a Gig and Getting Paid

You need to decide on something that you are good at and then advertise yourself. Once your profile is created you need to post your first gig. The keys to posting successful gigs are:

  • Creating a catchy title.

  • Choosing a category that fits your Gig.

  • Giving buyers more information regarding you as a person and your gig.

  • Set a price for your gig (remember to put your rate higher than you think it should be, you can always lower it if needed.) 

  • Promote your gig by putting examples of past work in the gallery. Building up your online portfolio will help you land higher-paying jobs.

There is an enormous range of gigs you can post on Fiverr, get creative with your skills. Some people get paid to do celebrity impressions, post content on social media, even commenting on blog posts can get you money.

How Much Money Can You Make on Fiverr?

It depends on your skills and how well you can display these to potential clients. There are freelancers on the site that make hundreds of dollars an hour and there are freelancers that work for $5. Just know that clients are often willing to pay more than you think.

My latest gigs were relatively easy jobs for any beginner. They paid me $30 an hour on average.

  • 1200 word SEO blog posts for $50 each

  • Creating Pinterest Images on Canva, $25 for 25 pins. 

If you get recurring gigs then the money can start adding up quickly, you will be on your way to a full-time online income in no time. By routinely applying for jobs on Upwork and posting gigs on Fiverr, you improve your chance of landing online work. If you also spend time creating an affiliate blogging website, you can earn a passive income that continues to pay you long term. These websites take a little bit longer to start earning, but if you are successful, you can make money while you aren’t working.

By allocating your time between these two freelancer platforms and your personal affiliate blogging business, you can build a diverse online income that will pay you while working from home or while you travel. 

Once you start working remotely, check out our tips on Staying Productive While Working From Home. This will ensure you can stay efficient and your boss will be more likely to allow you to continue working from home. Decide whether Affiliate Blogging or UpWork Freelancing is better for you in our UpWork vs Affiliate Article.

Our mission is to provide travelers with everything they need to grow an online business while they travel the world. We aim to help travelers generate online income and make money while they travel.


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