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Look after cute pets and get free accommodation - become a pet sitter today!

Are you traveling and feeling a little homesick? Do you miss your pets back home? One of the harder things for travelers is lacking connections to animals. You can’t really bring your pets on holiday with you and you only get brief encounters when you walk past other people's dogs. It's always nice seeing a dog when you’re walking down the street but it’s not long enough. You want to steal them away for yourself so you can give them constant affection. 

A great way for travelers to get their fix of animal affection is to apply to be a pet sitter. Thousands of homeowners around the world need pet lovers to look after their pets and homes while they go away on travels of their own. Instead of sending their pets to the kennels they would prefer to get someone to look after the pets in their homes. This way their pets get to stay in a place that's familiar to them, and homeowners also have extra security knowing their home is looked after. 

What do pet sitters do?

Pet sitters look after animals while their owner is away. Most pet sitters feed, walk, and play with pets daily. They go to the pet owner’s home, allowing the pet to stay in its familiar surroundings and follow its routine. More experienced pet sitters also may bathe, groom, or train pets. Pet sitters typically watch over dogs, but some also take care of cats and other domestic pets.


Animal care and service workers typically do the following:

  • Give food and water to animals

  • Clean equipment and the living spaces of animals

  • Monitor animals and record details of their diet, physical condition, and behavior

  • Examine animals for signs of illness or injury

  • Exercise animals

  • Bathe animals, trim nails, clip hair, and attend to other grooming needs

  • Train animals to obey or to behave in a specific manner

Trusted House and Pet Sitters need people who are passionate about animals and have had experience with pets. They need responsible and mature applicants as they will be in charge of looking after other peoples homes. Trusted house and pet sitters have spots that need to be filled in incredible locations all over the world. 

The best part: you get to live in these homes for free, don’t pay any more rent or accommodations while you travel. 

Trusted house and pet sitters charge an annual membership cost of $119 to unlock unlimited sits all around the world. Saving you thousands and thousands on accommodation costs.  Sign up here and look after pets while living rent free.

If you miss your pets back home and want to spend some quality time with animals while you travel, then try being a pet sitter now

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