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Keys to maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind while you travel

Updated: Jun 26

Maintaining a balanced mental and physical wellbeing can be tricky when you’re traveling. You’re out of your comfort zone and normal daily routines. Living out of a suitcase or backpack and sleeping in crowded hostel rooms, not an ideal situation for a workout. 

Getting casual gym passes or going to yoga classes are often to expensive for the travel budget, and you don’t always feel like going for a long run or hard workout after a days traveling. But after a few days of not exercising you’re starting to feel restless and a little more stressed. 

Yoga is a great way to help the body and mind relax while also pushing you physically and mentally. It's perfect for someone traveling as it doesn’t require a lot of space, plus its often nicer taking it outside and doing it in nature. 

Yoga has so many benefits:


It improves flexibility

One of the major benefits of doing yoga stretches poses is that it increases flexibility in your bones and muscles. As a matter of fact, some studies even suggest that yoga can help improve body posture. It can also be a great way to strengthen your core. These moves help increase the range of motion in the joints and make you more supple. What’s most important is that the body, mind, and spirit are actually interconnected, which is the basic principle that yoga works on.

It’s good for your heart health

The entire body depends on the heart and the blood vessels to supply its various parts with vital oxygen and vital nutrients from the food you take. This means that the heart, blood vessels, and the entire circulatory system should be at it’s best at all times for you to stay healthy. One of the best ways to boost cardio health is through yoga. According to the American Heart Association, yoga can be helpful in improving circulation, enhancing lung capacity, boosting respiratory function, boosting the heart rate, and even lowering blood pressure. Studies show that these, combined with many other improvements that yoga brings could help prevent heart disease, according to the Harvard Medical School.

Stress Management

One of the biggest mental benefits of yoga is that it has the power to reduce stress. This is mostly achieved by the breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques involved in yoga, combined with certain physical poses. With reduced stress, one is also able to sleep better and even feel happier during the day. Both of these benefits are good not only for the mind, but for the body and spirit, too.

Can improve mindfulness

The other great thing about yoga is that the stretches, poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques, when combined, can help one to practice mindfulness. This is where you let go of distractions and focus your attention to the present moment, acknowledging your feelings and emotions. Along with other benefits of mindfulness, this can help restore a healthy balance between your body and mind, thus improving your physical and mental well-being.

It helps increase muscle function, strength, tone, bone density and skeletal health When you build strength through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. If you just went to the gym and lifted weights, you may build strength at the expense of flexibility because weights are much more fixed.The strength you build is great for toning your body as it is focused on body weight exercises, helping you stay in shape and get stronger. When you go through a yoga move, you’re applying a healthy stress that causes your bones and joints to strengthen. The physical shapes that you create, the asana practice, all consist of weight bearing postures. Standing poses, such as warrior 1, or other poses, such as plank pose, use body weight and thus help to stimulate growth and build bone density over time.

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Don’t allow yourself to fall into bad habits because your routines are changing. Maintain a balanced and healthy mental and physical wellbeing. Especially while you’re out exploring the world, you’ll enjoy it more with all the extra energy you have. 

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Some of our favourite products to use that help us with our workouts and are really easy to carry around while we are traveling.

Super thin yoga mat- Carrying around a full-size yoga mat when traveling would be a terrible idea but luckily there are super thin yoga mats that are easy to fit into any suitcase or backpack. Jade has made sustainable mats in the U.S. from all-natural rubber, Jade partners with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every mat sold. Now you can get a workout in wherever you like. 

Resistance band set- As you can use these bands simply by looping them under your own feet, the set really does allow you to complete strength-training exercises anywhere. Its great for a little bit of a change to normal body weight workouts and allows for a good body tone/muscle strength workout. 

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