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Is UpWork Worth It? Can You Really Make Money Online?

Updated: Jun 2

If you want to work from home and make money online, then UpWork could be the right platform for you. It's free to sign up, lets you work flexible hours from the comfort of your home and it's pretty easy to land jobs. UpWork is worth it for anyone looking to make an online income.

It Costs Nothing To Start

It’s FREE to sign up on UpWork. You need to top up your account to start applying for jobs on the platform. Each job you apply for requires a certain amount of connects. 20 connects will cost you $3 and you can usually apply for 5 or 6 jobs with this. I spent $3 and landed my first job.

Be selective about the jobs you apply for. As an UpWork beginner, this will save you time and money. When I first started on UpWork, I would only apply for jobs that had under 5 proposals as there was a better chance for me to get hired. Each job you apply for costs between 1 and 6 connects, so the cost of a proposal ranges from 15 cents to 1 dollar.

The main way UpWork makes money is by taking a percentage of your earnings. They take 20% of your earnings on any projects you do. Think of it as a tax, for them providing the service. Even with them taking one-fifth of your earnings, I still think Upwork is worth it.

It's A Time Investment

Before you actually get paid for working on UpWork, you have to spend some time creating a profile. Once your profile is complete you can start browsing all the job openings and sending proposals to clients. Check out our article for a guide on Creating an UpWork Profile that gets you hired.

One downside to UpWork is the time you spend applying for jobs. You don’t get paid for the hours you spend looking at jobs and crafting proposals to clients. At the beginning of your UpWork career, you need to spend time writing out proposals and customizing them for each job.

There are two mays to minimize this downside. First, keep a folder on your computer for the proposals you create. Each time you apply for a job, copy and paste your best proposal, then tailor it to suit the position. Second, landing a long-term job prevents you from having to continuously apply for jobs and craft proposals.

You can Work Anywhere You Like

One reason I think UpWork is worth it is that it gives you the ability to work anywhere you like. It gives you the freedom to work from home or anywhere you like. As long as you can communicate with your client and send them your work then you can work wherever. This removes the need for commuting in traffic or sitting in a shitty office.

This is going to be especially important in these changing and uncertain times. Millions of people around the world are losing their jobs or being forced to work remotely. If you’ve recently lost your job and are looking for Work then sign up to the platform and ask yourself is UpWork worth it for you?

Flexible Hours

A lot of the jobs that are listed on UpWork do not have set working hours. So, from the comfort of your own home, you can work during the hours that you are the most productive. That alone makes UpWork worth it for me.

You no longer have to slave away at your 9-5 job, and you can quit the early hour’s graveyard shit. Get hired on UpWork and you can earn a full-time income working the hours that you choose.

Do I Think UpWork is Worth it?

Honestly, all you are really investing in Upwork is your time. So if you have the time, then yes it's worth it. The amount of money you make is up to you. It will depend on how hard you work and how consistently. I have made $650 on UpWork jobs in a couple of weeks and the amount I earn per job is increasing. If you consistently apply for jobs and get good reviews UpWork will be worth your time.

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Once you land your first job on UpWork, check out this post on Staying Productive While Working From Home.

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