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How to Write Blog Posts Faster | Rank No. #1 on Google in Under 1 Hour

I’m sitting here taking waaaay too long to finish another blog post and I started thinking to myself, how can I write blog posts faster?

One of the most frustrating things when blogging is how long it takes to get articles written, edited, and published. So, I did a little research on how to write faster.

The fastest way to write a blog post is by writing a Response Post. These blog posts are 1200-1500 words, answer direct questions in your niche, and can be written in under an hour.

Response posts are a great way to target smaller keywords and help you grow the amount of content on your site. I’ve compiled some simple strategies for writing a Response Post and how to write faster.

How To Write a Response Blog Post in Under 1 Hour

This is a step by step guide for writing blog posts faster and still getting your content ranked number 1 on Google. By the way, it took me 54 minutes to write and publish this blog post, so the system works.

  1. Research

  2. First Sentence and Answer Paragraph

  3. Subheadings for Structure

  4. Write

1. Research

Do 10 to 15 minutes of research to help you get a good grasp on the content you are writing about. If you are already familiar with the topic, spend time here researching keywords, and analyzing competitors.

Choose a primary keyword and secondary keywords to target in your blog post. Search Google to see what type of pages are already ranking on the first page for your target keyword. This will give you an idea of the benchmark quality needed for the first page.

Use an SEO tool like Ubersuggest to find competitor’s content that you can improve on and rank higher.

2. Write the First Sentence and Answer Paragraph

In the first sentence, you want to grab your reader's attention. You want them to read the whole article, so you need to engage them from the beginning. Start to develop a connection with your reader in the first sentence and be sure to include your target keyword.

Then type out the answer paragraph. Summarise your blog post and give a 3-4 sentence answer on the topic. This is a fantastic way to improve your SEO by earning snippets. Be sure to put the answer paragraph in bold so it stands out to your audience.

3. Write 3-5 Subheadings for Blog Post Structure

Structure your subheadings to further develop the topic. Think of 3-5 sub-topics related to your main topic. This step makes it so much easier to write faster. It eliminates writer's block by making writing seem much more manageable. This way you can write in smaller chunks rather than one long post.

You almost never see short posts ranking number 1 on Google. The average word count for top-ranking pages is around 1900 words, so aim for 300 words each per subheading.

4. Fill in your Subheadings

The first 3 steps in this process should take you between 20-25 minutes. If you are already familiar with the topic, spend less time on the first 3 steps and more on writing or editing.

By writing your blog posts this way, you should only have 800-1000 words left to write. This is because you should've written 300-400 words in the first 3 steps. So, you are already on your way to writing faster.

Subheadings help you to go more in-depth with your answer, providing more useful content to your audience. This will help you to outrank competitors and increase your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) rankings.

5. Edit and Publish

Once you have your blog post completed, be sure to proofread and edit the content. No one likes to see spelling and grammar mistakes.

Find a high-quality image that suits your blog post and add it to the top of your blog. Feel free to add more related photos if you think it’s necessary.

Finally, go through and add any relevant Affiliate Marketing links, or links to your other articles. Keep an excel spreadsheet with this information to speed up your writing process.

How to Speed up your Writing

If you really want to know how to write faster, try speech to text. Dictate into the computer and it will type your words for you. You will have to spend a little time polishing the content after it records you to clean up any mistakes, but it significantly improves writing speed.

It seems to have a little difficulty understanding my New Zealand accent, but I still find it much faster than typing. If you don’t feel like typing, and still want to get content out, give Google's Speech to Text a try.

To speed up your blog writing you need to be a quick typer. 50 words per minute is a good target. Check your speed with this free game. Being a fast typer makes your workflow much more efficient and gives you more time to focus on other areas of your online business.

The ability to type without looking at the keyboard is another way to write blog posts faster. Each time you sit down to type out a blog post on your computer, try to look away from your keyboard a little more.

Keep a Hit List to Help You Write Faster

A Hit List is a folder that you fill with everything you need to publish a blog post. You should have a folder with all your Keyword Research/Ideas, this will help you to write faster as you won't need to do new keyword research every time you write a post.

Create a folder with a list of all your blog posts and their URLs and a folder with all Affiliate Links. This will significantly speed up your writing and publishing process as all the links you need are organized in one place on your computer.

I also use Evernote and Google Drive to manage all of the content that I am writing. Both f these platforms are great for organizing all writing plans, drafts, and finished articles.

One of the most time-consuming parts of publishing a blog post is finding the perfect photo to add to the article. Keep a folder for all your photos and be sure to add to it every time you find or take a relevant photo.

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