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Traveling on a Budget - How to get Super CHEAP Flights as a Student

Every college student has the same dilemma: you dream of traveling the world but your bank account only dreams of ramen noodles. New Zealand is on the bucket list but the gas light on your car is on and you can barely make it home from class without running out. You want to take the iconic trip to Europe after you graduate but the flight there is at least 3 months rent. 

So what does a poor student who wants to travel do?

You’ve probably heard some tips for getting the cheapest tickets, such as booking flights on Tuesdays three months before you leave, or booking late at night or only searching in incognito mode. While those hacks might help some of the time, they’re not foolproof either.

Luckily we have a hack to finding very cheap student flights:

Student discounts. It might seem simple, but students get discounts on everything. From food, to movies, to Spotify to skiing. If you’re paying for a product or service there is a good chance you can get a student discount on it. 

So of course, there should be discounts for students who are looking to travel. Thankfully, there is. Student Universe is a great place to look for really cheap flights both domestically if you’re flying home for the break or internationally if you’re taking off on your big overseas adventure. 

Student Universe works with airlines, hotels and tour companies to ensure students get great deals. Compared to normal retailers like Skyscanner or Expedia, Student Universe offers 30% discount on flights for students. So even on that part time job you might be able to find a flight overseas. 

Student Universe is made for students. They know students want to travel and always have sales around the time of year when students are traveling: like going back to school, studying abroad, spring break and more.

Book your next trip through Student Universe and you’ll get at least 30% off of regular prices, plus if you’re booking flights that are within the next 2 weeks, Student Universe will take an extra 20% off. Saving you up to half of the cost of the trip! You might even have money left over for a flight home at some stage. 

Click here to see all their amazing discounts on Flights. 

Student Universe offers 24 hour risk-free cancellation if your plans change suddenly. Their customer service team is incredibly helpful so if you’re ever in any trouble on your trip they can help out.

Just because you’re living on Ramen Noodles and can’t afford to put gas in your tank doesn’t mean you can’t go on your dream adventure. Student universe has amazing discounts for everyone. 


If you’re new to student universe, Click here and we will pay for $20 of your next flight. 

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