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How to find House Sitting jobs - Trusted House Sitters vs House Carers Review

What is House Sitting

House sitting is a great way for travelers to get free accommodation around the world while being able to live in beautiful houses and look after cute pets. 

House Sitters are needed when homeowners go away on their own travels, leaving their pets and property behind. To ensure its safe and protected they allow trustful people to live in the home for free. 

This creates peace of mind for homeowners, and amazing travel experiences for house sitters. 

How to find a housesitting job

There are several websites on the internet that have homes available all over the world that are in need of housesitters. The two main ones we have used are TrustedHouseSitters.com and HouseCarers.com. 

Trusted House Sitters Review

Trusted House Sitters is the largest house sitting website in the world and has the highest number of house sitting jobs around the globe available out of all online house sitting platforms.

An annual membership is $119 for unlimited housesits. Which is around $10 a month for all your accommodation costs. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars on rent or AirBnb and hostel costs for the cost of 2-3 coffees a month.  

They have an extremely user friendly website and mobile app, and a 24/7 customer care and vet advice line, in case you need any help on a house sit. 

Trusted House Sitters: 5/5 

House Carers Review

They are one of the longest running house sitting services in the world, based out of Australia. Housecarers.com has linked thousands of home owners with travelers and pet lovers over the past 18 years.

It costs $50 a year for unlimited sits and you have the option of trying the service for free before you buy. 

It does have a harder to use interface and isn’t as mobile friendly, but it is cheaper than Trusted House Sitters and still have some great accommodation options around the world. 

House Carers: 4/5

No matter which agency you choose to join, you will be able to save thousands of dollars on accommodation while you travel to incredible homes around the world.

There are so many options on each website, CLICK BELOW to find the best homes before they get filled:

Click here to join Trusted Houses Sitters

Click here to join House Carers

The best thing about house sitting is having pets to keep you company, which is quite a luxury for a traveler. It's easy to miss your pets back home and you don't often get a chance to hang out with pets.

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