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Want to travel but can’t afford the expensive accommodation? Our tips and secrets revealed inside...

Updated: Jun 26

There is nothing worse than traveling to a new and exciting place but once you get there not having any money left over to explore. Mainly because you've spent all your budget on very overpriced accommodation. The worst part though… is the fact you have to share the small hostel room with 6 smelly strangers. You are all sharing bunk beds and you can’t sleep because you’re underneath someone who snores like a chainsaw… This isn't how your trip was supposed to be...

No longer do you have to rent crammed, overpriced rooms. House sitting and Pet Sitting are options that are becoming increasing popular with travelers who want to live for free in amazing homes, while looking after pets in unique locations all over the world. 

It has become the best option to save money while travelling, especially today with accommodation being more overpriced than ever.

“Fast forward four months and we have completed four more house sits in Dublin and have managed to save just over $5000!” The Traveling House-Sitters blog

Housecarers.com links travelers and pet lovers with Home owners around the globe who need a little extra security and peace of mind while they are out of town. They have hundreds of amazing locations to visit so you can be sure to tick off all the countries on your bucket list. 

So imagine you got to travel to all your dream locations and you didn’t have to pay for any accommodation while you were there. You get to live in beautiful homes and truly experience the area like a local, off the beaten track. You will have lots of money left over to spend exploring and the only thing intruding on your incredible experience is a cute fluffy friend like a cat or dog, not a smelly, loud traveller. 

Housecarers.com has linked thousands of homeowners with travelers and per lovers over the past 18 years. Creating peace of mind for homeowners, and amazing travel experiences for house sitters. 

“Just give it a go! I got the first house sit I applied for back in October 2017. And I’ve done 12 sits since then. Not only do you get to stay in some amazing places, you form friendships with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Madolline Gourley

Christmas in Colorado blog.

Try House + Pet Sitting here and never pay for accommodation while traveling again! Stop getting ripped off by overpriced accommodation and have money left over to spend on your travels. 

Sign up for free and start planning your trip below!

Click the banner above or this link: Housecarers.com

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