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House Sitters Needed For The Summer

Updated: Aug 6

Once the COVID-19 lockdown period ends, Trusted House Sitters are looking for House Sitters to fill homes for the Summer.

There are homeowners that need houses and pets looked after while they are on lockdown in another location. We desperately need people who love animals to apply. We provide free accommodation and cash. 

Please only apply if you are healthy and showing no COVID-19 Symptoms. This is an opportunity for people who have recently lost their jobs and can no longer afford rent. 

You will provide peace of mind and security to the owners while caring for cute pets. In return, we will provide you with a short term place to enjoy during the summer allowing you to save money on accommodation.


You can browse the hundreds of options on trusted house sitters website, all across the USA. They still have options available in other countries, but currently, travel is affecting most of these options. 

If you don’t currently have experience as a house or pet sitter, that's okay, we are just looking for responsible, mature and tidy people. Obviously, if you have experience please provide us with examples and references when you apply. 

Click here to find the available house sitting jobs in a location near you.

Why Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters is the largest and one of the most well known international house sitting websites. Out of all the house sitting websites online, TrustedHouseSitters has the highest number of house sitting jobs available around the world.

It's free to sign up and browse all their jobs. You can upgrade to unlimited housesits for only $129/year. By clicking this link you can save $10 on the unlimited membership. Giving you a beautiful home to stay during the COVID-19 lockdown period for only $119

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