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Book Club: God's Debris by Scott Adams

God's Debris

Book Review Score: 10/10

Category: Mindfuck Thought Experiment (It's hard to categorize)

If you often wonder about the meaning of life and want a quick and easy read, get God’s Debris.

You can read it in two days, but be warned, it’s not for everyone. The author states that it is for people who enjoy having their brain spun around their skulls. Interstellar or Shutter Island enthusiasts will like this.

Scott Adams had a sudden realization in the shower about the world and decided to write a book about it. He wrote a fictional story, God’s Debris, to explain his thought experiment.

The central character in this thought experiment knows everything. The whole book is a conversation between him and a curious young delivery boy. The boy quizzes the man on all of life’s big questions. He gives fascinating answers on the Universe, Life, People, Time, Conversation, and Probability.

I loved the chapter on social relationships. Adams says that conversations are the highest way of signaling the importance of another person, you are showing your willingness to give them your rarest resource: time.

If you really want to connect with someone during a conversation, simply ask them about their favorite thing in life. Themselves. Start them talking about the thing they are most familiar with and then find common ground.

Another common theme in the book is perspective. No two people in this world are living the same reality. The chapter ‘Curious Bees’ speaks a lot about perspective and gives a great analogy on religious differences.

Scott Adams is a big believer in affirmations and the chapter on it struck a chord with me. He states ”writing your goals every day gives you a higher level of focus, it tunes your mind to better recognize opportunities in your environment.”

Gods Debris is a light-hearted introduction to philosophy, perfect for a young adult curious about the world. Adams suggests for maximum enjoyment, share God’s Debris with a smart friend, and discuss it over a tasty beverage.

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Read other reviews and details, or purchase the book here. If you prefer to read on Kindle, you can find a copy here on Amazon. Rather listen to it? get it for FREE on Audiobooks.

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