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Traveling on a budget- Tips to help find you cheaper flights

Updated: Feb 25

Buying flights to your dream destination can break the bank and leave you with no money left to spend on your trip. So what's the point? Luckily, we have some tips for getting cheaper international flights.  Firstly, if you can, plan ahead and book early. Airlines start raising prices for last-minute ticket buyers two weeks out from the departure date. They typically begin discounting seats three to four months before departure so this is the perfect time to buy. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury of knowing our travel plans 3-4 months before we leave.  So if you’re buying tickets in a hurry our next tip is to be as flexible as you can. Instead of searching for exact flight dates, try the flexible search feature to find cheap international flight tickets. Toggle on the “Flexible” search instead of “Exact” and your search results will include a chart showing prices for nearby dates. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars by leaving or returning a few days earlier or later.  Being flexible with your flights to save money can mean catching flights at ungodly hours. However, early morning or red-eye (overnight) flights are usually the cheapest, because they’re considered “less-ideal” travel times. As a result, they’re usually cheaper. We also recommend shopping around different travel companies. Whenever we are taking a flight we will look at several agencies and compare prices and flight times. It’s a great way to ensure you get the best deal. 

The best travel agencies we have used to get cheap flights: Student Universe 

Student Universe offers flights, hotels, and tours to students and those under 26 years old. They offer flights from over 220 airlines worldwide.

If you are a student under 26 this is the place to go. They offer incredible discounts for students. So even on that tight budget, you can still take that trip away!  You have to become a member to access exclusive discounts, but thankfully, it’s a free membership! However, if you don’t want to join as a member, you can still complete a booking as a guest.

Student Universe offers a referral program and is generous with promo codes — be sure to check out their promo page to see everything that’s currently being offered. We recommend if you are planning on traveling anywhere in Asia. They are an Asian based company and work closely with airlines and hotels in Asia to ensure the lowest prices and great service. Most of the discounted flights you find on their website are to and from Asian cities.  We have used them to fly to Vietnam and Bali and got flights extremely cheap. We wouldn’t recommend using them if you were traveling outside of Asia, mainly because there are cheaper companies. If you have a little flexibility with your trip, look here first. One of our favorite features of is the Search Radius.  Instead of typing in a fixed destination, you draw a circle on the map. The app searches for flights in this radius. It shows you all the different destinations and the cheapest airfares available. You can filter for the cheapest flights and direct connections. This is useful when you are looking for flights to a country or area, rather than a specific city. The best thing about Kiwi if you’re traveling on a budget is that it automatically searches for the cheapest route. Even if that means three flights with two stopovers. While this isn’t ideal for people looking for the fastest and easiest way to get somewhere, it’s perfect for people looking for the absolute cheapest option.

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