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Planning an American Road-Trip? Read this first!

Do you dream of exploring the United States on the open road? Cruising from place to place with nowhere to be and everywhere to see.  An American road-trip is the trip of a lifetime, but it can be extremely difficult to plan.

With so many incredible places to see, how do you decide where to go? Do you have an RV already? Will you buy or rent one? Do you have insurance? What if something goes wrong mechanically, can you fix that? These are all important questions you should be asking yourself before embarking on a trip of a lifetime. 

During our recent American Road-trip, we spent 4 months traveling the West coast of the USA beginning in August '19. We bought our own second hand RV in Portland and named her Jenny. Jenny made her way through the national parks and cities of Washington, Oregon and California. It was an amazing journey but the trip didn’t come without its own problems. 

We were extreme rookies when it came to traveling in an RV. We originally planned on buying a camper through Craigslist, but after being scammed by a potential seller we were very wary.

It’s especially hard for travelers coming from outside the United States, as you can’t go and check out the RV before you arrive. So its difficult to know whether or not you’re getting a good deal. Plus you have to worry about the selling the RV at the end of your trip or risk losing your investment.

Jenny, the RV we purchased, pictured at Crater Lake.

We ended up finding one online and it was one hell of an adventure. However, it didn't take long for things to go wrong. From the engine overheating in Northern California, to the generator not working, to our brakes smoking and failing going down a hill (thankfully that was just bad driving, not the RV). We fully experienced just how stressful RV life can be.

None of us knew much more than how to check the oil and change a flat tyre. So we ended up spending a few nights broken down on the side of the road. Then having to pay a few hundred dollars to a mechanic to get her back on the road again. 

I would definitely recommend the camper van life to everyone, it is a type of freedom unlike any other. But it can be extremely stressful if you are unprepared. If we were to do it the trip again we would definitely hire an RV through a company like RVShare.

RVShare takes all of the stress and hassle out of your road trip and lets you fully focus on enjoying your time on the road.

This is the main reason why I recommend renting a vehicle instead. There are 1000’s of road ready RV'S at RVShare. It has the largest selection of RVs for rent on the market, so whether you’re looking for a trailer, a van, a Jenny or a 40ft bus. They have you covered!


  • 24/7 roadside assistance - Never worry about breaking down because RVShare is available to help at any time of the day

  • Full Insurance - RVShare is the only marketplace to provide liability and comprehensive collision coverage. So you are fully covered if  something does go wrong.

  • Loved by travelers around the US and the world - with a 5 star customer service team dedicated to making your road trip the trip of your dreams.

Click below to start planning your trip! Use their FREE trip planner tool to help you get started on the trip of a lifetime! 

Hiring an RV online can be intimidating, but with RVShare's Worry-Free Rental Guarantee you are fully protected from anything that goes wrong throughout the whole process. They offer payment protection, rental replacements and fraud screening. They guarantee that you will have a worry-free experience. 

To celebrate the start of the decade, RVShare is offering 25% off all trips in 2020 if you book now!

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Your dream holiday does not have to be stressful! Book now and take all of the worry out of your adventure with RVShare. 

Our mission is to provide travelers with everything they need to grow an online business while they travel the world. We aim to help travelers generate online income and make money while they travel.


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