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What I've Learned In My Second Month of Affiliate Marketing Blogging

Updated: Jul 17

This article is part of my Affiliate Marketing 12 Months to Passive Income Guide. Read my First Month guide for tips on choosing your niche, setting up your website, finding affiliate programs, creating content, driving traffic to your website and making your first commission. This month was another month focused specifically on Content Creation. I have been producing blog content, and social media content to grow traffic to my website. This article is aimed at anyone who is looking at getting into Affiliate Blogging. These are my tips on affiliate marketing for bloggers.

  • Improve Writing Skills and Productivity

  • Pinterest, Canva & Tailwind

  • Google SEO and Google ADs

Improve Writing Skills and Productivity

For any blog to be successful. The most important step, especially in the early stages of blogging is to create quality content. You need to provide valuable information to your readers.

This will slowly build your reputation on Google, increasing your domain authority. You will also earn more credibility with your readers, which is crucial if you eventually want to sell a product or service.

I try to be consistent with uploading blog articles to this site, however, in this past month I only produced 13 articles. This is partly due to the fact I have focused on building my UpWork profile. I have earned over $400 doing writing for clients on Upwork in two weeks. This has been a great way for me to earn some money while expanding my portfolio and developing new writing skills. It has significantly improved my writing as an affiliate blogger. UpWork clients providing feedback on my work and giving advice on how to can get better.

To manage how productive I am being with my time, I use Toggl. Its a free time tracking/management tool that I use to measure how much work I actually put into my site. This allows me to be more accountable for the work I'm producing, instead of just wasting time looking at analytics and watching affiliate marketing youtube videos.

Maximizing Pinterest, Canva, and Tailwind

I have continued my Pinterest and Tailwind strategy for driving free traffic. In my second month on Pinterest, I have seen massive growth in my audience. Doubling my following and significantly increasing my impressions.

In my first month as an affiliate marketing blogger, I shared my Pinterest analytics. I had 4.5k Monthly Viewers, 493 Followers and my pins had 7.03k Impressions.

As you can see, in my second month of Pinterest, I had 65.66k Impressions, 803 followers and 51.8k monthly viewers. This was an enormous growth in Pinterest traffic, which lead to more link clicks to my website. One of my pins got shared and earned 21k impressions in one day, that is the spike you see on the graph.

Ranking on Pinterest

One of the best things about Pinterest marketing for affiliate marketing bloggers is that your content is evergreen. This means that when you make a post on Pinterest, it will stay online forever. If you use the correct Pinterest keyword optimization, your pins can continuously drive traffic to your site.

When a Pinterest user searches for a specific term, i.e “California Road Trip”. The most relevant pins to this query are ranked first. The query "California Road Trip" has over 5 million searches per month. If you could rank your pin on the first page for this, you would generate a lot more clicks.

Like Google, using the right keywords on Pinterest will improve your pins' ranking. Generating a lot more organic traffic for your website.

How do you get your Pins Ranked on Pinterest?

Pinterest's algorithm currently favors pins with fewer words on them, and they rank original photos higher than templates or photos that have been used on the site before.

You want to research Pinterest for popular keywords that relate to your niche. Search for these terms and see which keywords would be easiest to rank for. You can also use Pinterest Ads and Analytics to generate free keyword ideas.

How to tell which keywords are easy to rank for? You can search specific keywords into the Pinterest search bar and look at the pins that are currently ranking at the top. Do they have the main keyword in their header and description? Is it an original looking pin? Is it a good quality pin?

If the main keyword you want to rank for is not in the headers and descriptions of top-ranking pins, it will be much easier for you to rank for this keyword.

Tailwind Hack to Growing Pinterest Following

I described my Tailwind hack in my First Month Affiliate Marketing guide. To maximize Tailwind's free membership, I created several Pinterest accounts and linking tailwind accounts for all. I then joined different tailwind tribes on all of these accounts. This means I am able to share my pins to 20-25 tribes, not just 5.

This does not cost anything, and once you get the hang of it, it can be done quickly. providing exponential growth for your main Pinterest account. It's the best FREE traffic method I have found that increases your blog and Pinterest following.

If you want more information on growing your Pinterest following with Tailwind, check out my in-depth guide here.

Canva Pro

I absolutely love Canva. I have signed up for the one-month free Canva Pro trial to see if it is worth investing in the full service. I haven’t felt the need yet as it is such an incredible free tool. It has taught me how to design aesthetic pins that actually drive traffic for free. So far, I have really enjoyed the free one-month Canva Pro trial and I will be looking to create another free account so that I can continue using this service. It allows you more access to stock photos and templates on their site, making your pins and blog banners more aesthetic. Knowing how to effectively use Canva is a key to success for affiliate bloggers.

Every time I write a new blog post, I will create 10+ pins on Canva that have different photos and text relating to that specific blog post.

I am loving being able to get creative with computer design. Design and visual art are crucial skills if you want to excel at digital marketing, to continue to develop these skills, I will be putting more time into this in Month 3.

To get a FREE one month trial of Canva Pro, sign up for FREE using this link.

Why Ranking on Google is Crucial for Affiliate Marketing

When someone searches for a term related to your keyword, you want your blog to rank on the first page. A huge amount of online traffic comes from Google search, and the majority of this traffic is awarded to the websites that rank on the first page of Google.

By focusing on your search engine optimization while writing articles, you will have a better chance at ranking on google. Helping you to earn a long term passive income as an affiliate blogger.

How to Rank on Google?

I have spent a lot more time this month learning about SEO techniques for blogging. This means spending time on Keyword tracking tools like KeywordRevelear and SEMRush, both have free trials. This gives you an idea of specific keywords that people are searching for, related to your niches.

You want to do keyword research on a tool like Keyword Revealer, UberSuggest or SemRush. They all offer free trials and provide valuable insights on keywords. Once you have chosen a keyword to target, create an article that is relevant to the keyword.

Use the keyword in your title and subtitles (H1, H2 Tags). Then, try to add the keyword into your content once every 100 words. This will give your post the best chance of getting seen by Google's Search engine and getting ranked correctly.

Generating Backlinks

Another way to improve your Google ranking is to increase your backlinks. If you have a high number of backlinks pointing back to your site, it shows Google that other people value your content and think it is worth sharing. This improves your domain authority and Google will increase your ranking as a reward.

This month I have been using a tactic called 'Backlink Swaps' to improve my Domain Authority. Backlink swaps involve you linking to another person's website in an article, in return for them doing the same. Two months in and after minimal backlink work for my site, I have a Domain Authority of 4, 100 being the highest.

Tailwind is a great place to find other affiliate bloggers and marketers to share links with. If you join tribes related to your niche, you can reach out to your ’tribemates’ and offer to do free backlink swaps. It's also a good chance for you to ask them for any affiliate marketing blogging tips they may have.

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